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It’s all right here – video and photos that capture the essence of Ambit Energy! Take a few minutes to browse around, and you’ll hear inspiring words from our co-founders, see exciting footage from our annual AMBITION events, and much more.

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AMBITION 2016, Day 2

Eager Consultants packed the Convention Center for the Opening Session as we heard powerful testimonials from Consultants, heard important news from the corporate team and honored some of our outstanding achievers. Keynote speaker Shawn Achor held the audience spellbound and we gave away a new Mustang GT. That night we had a fun evening with “Funny Business—The Power of Laughter” featuring Joel Zeff and Dr. Steven Taubman.   Launch AMBITION 2016, Day 2

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2010 Consultant Awards Speeches - Part 2

Ambit Energy National Consultant Philip Eckhart accepts his second award as he reaches a great milestone by becoming a member of the Millionaire Club at Ambit Energy. Philip shares his success story and thanks his sponsor, Brian McClure, for providing him with guidance and support in this role.

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Rae Llasos III

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